Press Releases

March 8, 2021

The Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) and the District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) has announced and congratulates Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home as one of this year’s awardees of the 2021 RiverSmart Communities Program.

RiverSmart Programs help to reduce stormwater runoff that harms the District’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. RiverSmart Programs provide financial incentives to help District property owners install green infrastructure such as, rain barrels, green roofs, rain gardens, permeable pavement, shade trees and more. These practices allow rainwater to stay on site and soak into the ground, where natural processes help remove pollutants.

A team comprised of AWS and DOEE staff, Stoddard’s project partners and Stoddard’s Administrator will work collaboratively on determining the best stormwater management project(s) for Stoddard that maximizes stormwater treatment/retention and community exposure.

Additionally, AWS will be offering two environmental programs over the next few months, “Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA)” and the “Master Naturalist (MN)” program.

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