SBNH Resident’s 94th Birthday Celebration

Below is a short video clip of a celebration staff had with one of our residents, Ellen Worthen. Mrs. Worthen, who came to Stoddard in November of 2016,  turned 94 on Monday.  She has two children that faithfully visit her and were looking forward to celebrating her birthday; however,  due to the current guidelines by CMS, families are not able to visit–the first day of the restriction was on her birthday. Stoddard’s staff took it upon themselves to celebrate her birthday, singing “Happy Birthday” and cutting a cake that was prepared by our culinary staff–then shared the clip with her family.  Of course, the family was very happy. Her granddaughter says, “This brought tears to her eyes. Absolutely amazing,” and thanked Stoddard staff for celebrating her grandma.

Stoddard will continue exploring opportunities to continue connecting residents with their family through technology until things clear up.